2015 Autumn Japan Bonsai Exploration– Part 5

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6P4A5361Genko Kai Exhibition

On November 21-22, 2015 S-Cube sponsored and produced a special exhibition for the Genko-Kai, a small group of bonsai collectors with high quality bonsai and suiseki. Held in the Hoshu-In Buddhist temple, established in 1608, the complex is normally not open to visitors. This temple is in the Daitoku-Ji complex of numerous smaller temples of the Rinzai School of Japanese Zen including the popular Daisen-In on many garden tours.

The Genko-Kai is headed by Seiji Morimae comprised of his clients who want to share the beautiful bonsai and suiseki collections. He has superb taste in bonsai, suiseki and display.

Seiji Morimae designed the displays in the individual 11 rooms of the temple, each holding one to several bonsai or suiseki. Along with the help of his S-Cube staff Mr. Morimae presented an excellent selection of bonsai and suseki. They all suggest seasonality.


Upon entering Hoshu-In a dramatic…

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