2015 Autumn Japan Bonsai Exploration– Part 3

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The 35th Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition takes place at the Miyako Messe in Kyoto, Japan on November 21-24, 2015. This is probably the second most popular and one of the largest bonsai Exhibitions in Japan, at least in Western Japan. Over 250 displays contain many more bonsai since some have two or possibly three trees, plus the shohin bonsai compositions. Only four shohin bonsai compositions were displayed, probably because the Gafu Bonsai Exhibition will take place in the same room in early January which is the top shohin bonsai exhibition.


The quality of bonsai selected for the exhibition is not as high as the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition in February. But rather, professional bonsai artists select trees from their clients. Mr. Kimura told me that actually the judging for this exhibition is much more difficult than the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition because only one tree per category must be selected, while…

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