Kokedama: Mossballs

I’ve been admiring the work of others in the last few years in the creation of kokedama or commonly known as mossballs. This year I decided to give them a go for myself. There seems to be a multitude of ways to create them so I tried a few different ideas but the best way I can find it to use fine bonsai wire to hold them together. Here’s a few of mine. Again early days as they’ll take a while to fill out but I’m happy so far.

 Iris Gracilipes


Epimedium and unknown x 2


Japanese Forest Grass, creeping mint and unknown.




2 comments on “Kokedama: Mossballs

    • I got it from Bali Hai Nursery, once it’s out in flower I’ll see if the owner can id it from a photo 🙂 It was self seeded in a pot that contained the Japanese Forest Grass.


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