Please support the Portland Bonsai Village

Michael Hagedorn


The Portland Bonsai Village has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for our new programs. If you don’t know about Indiegogo, it’s like the alternative, quirky version of Kickstarter. The Village has always been a grassroots endeavor, and today we’re seeking your support to grow our grassy shoots a wee bit higher.


We’re creating the first bonsai community outside of Japan where I live in Portland, Oregon to better share bonsai to the greater community, with programs that stretch from Village bonsai classes for serious aficionados, to a CO-OP offering bonsai products made here, to bringing bonsai into classrooms to nurture the seed of beauty and responsibility in youth. And this campaign is the beginning of that dream.

Here’s our short introductory video on the Indiegogo site, featuring Matt Reel, Bobby Curttright, and myself (which clearly proves that we’re not actors posing as bonsai artists):

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