One to One : Scot’s Pine

Another one to one today, this time helping out with a tricky repot of a Scots Pine. I love this tree! It’s been in a wooden box for a few years to increase vigour after a few years dealing with Needle Cast. I helped with the first styling of this tree back on 11th September 2001, an easy date to remember due to the tragedy that unfolded as we finished the tree.

This was the tree today.


And after a tidy up and old needle removal…


Then the repot



and the result


Over exposure but kinda cool all the same …





It’s been nice to keep a connection with this tree over the years. I even looked back in my files and found some older photos.

September 2001

Scots Pine 2001

March 2002

Scots pine 6 Mar 2002

And a virtual image I made back in 2002. Not too far off the mark.

Scots pine virtual

Stephen reworking the tree back in 2004

October 2003 to January 2004 091

October 2003 to January 2004 078

2011 with Stephen for scale. The tree isn’t really that big, Stephen is tiny!

DSC_0327 (2)

Being inspected by Peter Warren in 2012


4 comments on “One to One : Scot’s Pine

    • Pot not ideal Piotr, on that we agree, but all that was available. A round primitive type pot is being sought for the next time, even just to transfer. The angle or dip?, I think you’d need to see it in person to assess as a few things dictate this. I’ll still be here on the 21st 😉

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