Escallonia Repot

Having taken a sneaky day off work I decided to do a little repotting. This Escallonia  needed done as drainage was poor and I wanted to change the front and potting angle slightly.




Bit of a lip on the pot so out with the root saw.


A good mass of root but surprisingly not totally pot bound. Drainage issue must have been due to compacted fertiliser pellets breaking down into the top layer.


After a cut back and wash out. I did manage to get rid of the very last bit of garden soil.


Back into the Walsall Ceramics pot. I do want to change this at some point but am still looking for the ideal pot. A mix of Akadama and koyodama which proved successful last time.


Potted up and ready for a good watering.




The final image.


The slight front change and tilt below.

DSC_0146 DSC_0176

Next step will be the treatment of the deadwood. Tricky with the tree as the wood rots fast if wet , but also hard to get the right colouring as jin seal looks too harsh. You’ll see how I get on with this here of course.

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