Old Fashioned Flower Show

On Saturday I had the pleasure of Judging the Bonsai classes at one of the few remaining old fashioned Flower Shows. Belfast Parks Autumn Fair has been up and down over the years but seems to be undergoing a bit of a revival this year both for the public, who were there on mass and also for bonsai. Our club had done a little bit of a push for members to exhibit this year and they responded with nearly 60 trees on display. It’s far from ideal for displaying bonsai but still serves a purpose to attract the public and recruit new members to the club. Here’s a few general shots of the show. Sorry I forgot my memory card for the camera and had to take these with the phone.


5 comments on “Old Fashioned Flower Show

    • Driving aside – yes. People seem to genuinely enjoy looking at them and it was nice to see some of the other members trees that I haven’t seen during club nights.


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