Rose Cuttings

I have 3 mini roses acquired from Jose over in Tenerife . At the weekend I decided to take a few cutting to increase my stock. I took a cutting about a week ago and popped it into the humidity layer I put some of my accents on and this was the result. I guest it worked.



I took cuttings from all three roses and potted them into a mix of fine cat litter and fine pumice. Well see how it goes. The parent rose in this kusamono planting is very vigorous as you can see from the roots.



Even got some super mini Rose cuttings 🙂


The results of my work




6 comments on “Rose Cuttings

  1. Is there an optimal time for taking the cuttings? Am planning on doing a few mini rose kusamono’s this spring, but wouldn’t mind getting some cuttings for some more next year too 🙂


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