8 years development a flowering Shohin Spiraea

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek


Developing a flowering deciduous bonsai is done in a radically different manner than nursing a conifer. Conifers needs their needles all the time, and if you cut back a branch lower than the needles are present the branch will certainly die. But branches can be bend and placed and thereby often a more “instant” result is achieved. Deciduous trees and shrubs needs a totally different approach. You have to think at least five to ten years ahead when you make even the most drastic pruning. Because what is not there when you remove it will be build up later.

This Spiraea has been an experiment ever since I bought it as a rather cheap raw nursery stock in 2006. I didn’t know of any Spiraea grown successfully as flowering bonsai, and had settled early with the consequence of training this specimen as a deciduous leaf bonsai without flowers. Because the…

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