Maple Defoliation

Stephen came down to my place on Saturday to get his Maple sorted. The canopy was extremely full and the inner branches would start to suffer unless we did a partial defoliation. This was it before we started.



As you can see we had a few other with us making the most of the day.


Look at the mess he made of my carpet.


Is that them all?



The after shot. Light now penetrates the canopy and will help maintain vigour on those inner branches.


This video shows this tree back in February being repotted.

3 comments on “Maple Defoliation

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  2. Reblogged this on Lyons Bonsai and commented:
    Just realised how to reblog something properly. Anyhow, thought this was really interesting as i recently defoliated one of my potential projects, but got a lot of dieback, I didnt research into how to do this properly before hand, big mistake on my behalf. But i recently have discovered three new buds which i will add to the projects page soon. Good job lads.


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