First Swallow 2015

I keep a log here each year noting the date I see the first Swallow arriving for the Summer. The last two years have been on the 16th & 17th April, this year we are ahead of schedule with my first sighting today. A glorious Easter Monday with blue skies. A great way to start the day.

First Swallow 2014

I compete with my Dad every year to see who can spot the first Swallow of Summer. Yesterday I was visiting him at the farm where I grew up and guess what flew over head?  I saw it first though 😀 A nice moment to share.

First Swallow

I always look out for the first Swallow each year. Always try and spot one before my Dad but that rarely happens. As I keep this blog as a diary I thought I would add a note now as I seen the first one this year today. Funny how seeing a bird makes you happy, made my day 🙂