Talking of Sperling….

I’ve had some people asking me about the Sperling Keramic pots after my last post.

As most of the bonsai world, except me, seems to be heading to The Noelanders Trophy at the weekend, you can catch up with them there. Here are some of the pots making there way to the Exhibition.






Shohin Yew

Yes, another Yew, no fancy yamadori this time. I grew this one from a cutting!

This was it earlier in the year in a training pot.

While over at Bonsai Europa I fell in love with some of the great pots on the Sperling Keramic stand. I had never even heard of Sperling before! A very friendly service with some amazing pots. I picked up this little pot for another tree but wasn’t happy with the match so I’ve decided to use it for this little Yew.

This is it just potted up. A thinning out required this year and some extra shari work.

This was the tree back in 2011 after initial styling.

A few other pots from Sperling Keramic in case you want to see what else came back to Northern Ireland.