Alcobendas 2012

I haven’t shown any of my favourite blogs in a while. I used to share interesting posts here from time to time.

As most of you know, I follow other bonsai blogs with a passion and I like to return the favour of a share or listing.

I was impressed with this one today on Jose Luis Sanchez blog,  Mi Pasion por el  Bonsai,   showing some great photography of great bonsai at the recent Alcobendas 2012 in Spain.

Here’s an example:

and here’s a link ALCOBENDAS 2012

Also a few other links to photos taken at the same Exhibition.

Bonsai is strong in Spain!! Enjoy.

Congratulations Spain

Congratulations to Spain for winning Euro 2012. You had me worried that your play were getting a bit boring, all passing, no attacks on goal, but you pulled a great final out of the bag. Pity it was 10 against 11 for a good part of the match. I felt sorry for Italy to lose under such circumstances.

As a Liverpool supporter I have a soft spot for many of the Spanish players, and as a Northern Ireland fan I also have a fond memory of watching us beat Spain at Windsor Park 3-2 🙂

Here are a few good Spanish Bonsai Blogs to check out. Enjoy.