RIP John

Bonsai has brought me many friends over the years and sadly today I found out that one has left us. John was a ‘quiet gentleman’ who I met through the club about 4 years ago. A self taught enthusiast for many years, he was keen to learn new things. I loved his enthusiasm for learning and his willingness to to get hands on.

Your friendship will be missed John, rest in peace.


Sad Day

Today I attended a service celebrating the life of Sharon Green, a club member and friend. After a long fight with cancer it eventually got the better of her.

Sharon asked that those attending the service wore something bright. She even made John dye his hair and beard pink! She wanted everyone to smile. I think most of us did at some point as we saw a slideshow of photos of Sharon’s amazing life played on the wall. That said, it’s hard to celebrate at a time like this, it was still a sad day.

Rest in piece Sharon, leave some yamadori up there for the rest of us!



RIP Harry Tomlinson

Sad news today, Harry’s book was my bonsai bible back when I started bonsai in 1993 and I’ll never forget the wacky adverts in the Bonsai magazine.. Notice from the family below, my thoughts are with you.

It is with great sadness that we must announce that Harry Tomlinson died on early Sunday morning the 2nd March 2014

As many of you may know Harry had been suffering from alzheimer’s for a number of years. Unfortunately his condition had deteriorated rapidly during the last week.

We hope that many enthusiasts throughout the International Bonsai community will have been inspired by Harrys bonsai teachings, artistry, books and good sense of humour.

Letter of condolences may be sent to Greenwood Bonsai Studio.

There will also be an open book of condolence alongside one of his many bonsai creations.

A memorial service wil be held at a later date.

Petra, Corin and Paul Tomlinson