Todays Walk in Pictures

Here is some from my usual Sunday walk. We revisited the Clandeboye  Way. We haven’t done it for a while as it can get water logged but today was enjoyable even with the mud.

I didn’t think the sign meant cameras so I snapped away when I could. Nice to see the dog using the pedestrian gate instead of going through the main one 🙂

I spotted these Fungi on an old fallen Birch log. My brother Sam thought they looked like Octopus.

On old rotten stump with beautiful deadwood.

Some of the landscape we crossed. The sheep moved away when they saw the dogs appearing.

Old Gate pillars made from Scrabo Sandstone. No longer used as a gate as the gap isn’t wide enough any more for modern machinery. New gate beside it.

 We saw many trees along the walk that had fallen since our last visit. This one blocked the path.

Stephen wondered why I stopped to take a photo of the ground. I found it beautiful in it’s own way. It captures the season well. Can’t wait to see what he snaps with his new camera from Santa 🙂

Loved this old gnarly tree trunk. It tells it’s own story of life in the wood.

A birch full of witches brooms.

Just as we left the wooded area to walk along the coast, this Jay appeared in a tree. I snapped a few quick shots thinking it would only sit a few seconds. It was close by the path and was working hard to get grubs from a rotted branch. I quickly changed the lens to get a closer shot. Just As I was ready, it buggered off! Never get a chance like that again 😦

Birds were the highlight for the rest of the walk. Here are a few we saw.

 A few other feather free shots.

My 2 dogs loved the water and enjoyed drying out in front of the fire back at home too 🙂

It’s back!

Every year my Common Juniper gets it’s usual flowering of rust fungus. It usually occures in February. Last year it got a major dose of fungicide and I had crossed my fingers for this year.

This was it yesterday. 😦 It’s just starting and hasn’t got to that jelly like state yet. I have kept it in the tunnel and on the dry side. It usually goes nuts after a heavy shower.

The general health of the tree is very good. It was repotted in the Autumn and spent the Winter in the poly tunnel. The problem with the rust is that it seems to cause the tree to throw the odd branch. Here’s an example.

Guess I’ll keep trying different fungicides and keep my fingers crossed.