Chuhin Chamaecyparis

This Chamaecyparis Pisifera plumosa dumosa attracts algae to the bark and was in for yet another clean up. My little Japanese power washer was one of the best purchases I ever made and made short work of it.

It’s also a tree that creeps along growth wise and needs work several times a year to keep definition in the foliage mass. Cleaning the underside of branches and keeping subtle space is important or it reverts to a green helmet very fast. It was dewired in the Spring and over the year the bottom pads had crept up a little. I applied some structural wire to reinstate the spacing.

After work
The infamous bottle of Guinness for scale
Foliage detail

New Pot for Chamaecyparis

I managed to pick up a nice Klika pot for this Chamaecyparis at Noelanders last month. I love Klika pots, I ended up with 3 that day. This is the tree in it’s new home.

This video doesn’t exist

Phil’s Chamaecyparis Obtusa

Bar a few minor changes, that should be all the faffing about finished. Hope you like the different theme. I think it suits a photo based blog better.

To get the ball rolling again, here is a Chamaecyparis Obtusa that Phil collected from a garden a few days ago. I was at his place the other night and he insisted on getting the lamp out for a look in the dark. Plans are afoot to get it reduced in height and thinned out.

When he told me he had collected two Obtusa Chamae that where 6′ tall, I expected the inner branch structure to be bare. How wrong I was! Branches to the base on this one and foliage right to the trunk. Best of all, being a landscape gardener, he got paid for taking them out!! 🙂 The other one has been put in a flower bed for a year or so.

The faded original label was still attached. It states that its a Nana Gracilis. I always thought that this was the small variety and the label says a top height of 80 cm. At over twice that height, I think this may just be obtusa.

I love this variety for bonsai but have yet to find one worth keeping for myself. Phil has a decent start with this one, albeit limited style wise. If  he doesn’t want it, I’ll take it off his hands.

Here are a few that appeared on Facebook and other online sources. I have searched a few times to see what can be achieved with this species.

This one belongs to Josh, a fellow club member.