Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 36

Spring Pruning Alternate leaf deciduous Bonsai

Bonsai Art of Japan Ep 35 Trident Defoliation

Yet another excellent video from Bjorn on Trident defoliation. And what a good sport Fujikawa san is.

I do miss Owen though 🙂

Funny Stuff

If the boss sees this he’ll give them more work to keep them out of mischief 🙂


Latest Bonsai Art of Japan Video

Here ya go Honey :-)

Another great episode from the chaps, and good out takes too lol

The Bonsai Art of Japan 31

Taikan Ten 2012 from Bjorvala

The Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 30 – Accents

The latest offering from the guys looks at accents and has an interview to boot.


Bonsai Art of Japan 28

Focus on Juniper, yet again standard of production is high.

Latest Bonsai Art of Japan Video

Just out….

Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 26

It’s been a while, the guys had me worried, but episode 26 is here. Just about the best video you’ll get showing how to repot a bonsai.

The work that has went into filming this, and editing can not be underestimated. Thanks chaps 🙂