Belvior Forest Walk

A few photos from my walk through Belvior Forest on Sunday.


Belvior Forest Walk

Took our regular Sunday walk in Belvoir Forest Park in Belfast this morning. It was one of those days when you see unusual things. When we reached the river a seal popped up and followed us for a while, I think it was fascinated by my dogs. The feeling was mutual 🙂 It must be a good few miles up river from Belfast Lough as you can see in the map below. We left the river and came back past it later on but on the other side and low and behold, there it was again.

While we where watching in a Kingfisher flew past, Stephen first even sighting which made it special. Add in some other local wildlife and it was a great walk.

Won’t be walking for a while now as I managed to wreck my ankle in the kitchen on the return home! It never ends lol