Belated July Break photos

Since retirement I have a new tradition of my own. I make sure I’m not in Northern Ireland on the 12th July. Some will know what I’m talking about, for those who don’t, please google, I’m not wasting my time typing it out. I’m glad I got away on the 11th THIS is what happened in my home town on the 11th night

Anyway, I escaped to the far end on Ireland, to my friend Mark’s place. Mark has a great bonsai collection but the main purpose of our trip was to relax and both Mark and Val know how to do that well 🙂 Here’s a gallery of the photos I took, all with my phone. They show my continuing fascination with graveyards (sorry) and where taken in Cobh (pronounced Cove for the uninitiated) Ballycotton, West Cork and Lismore Castle in Tipperary. Some nice inspirational trees in there as well of course.

9 comments on “Belated July Break photos

  1. Cool trip, reminds me of my motorbike travels in there few years back 🙂
    As to the 12th of july troubles – shame that it is still going on in our “modern” society.
    We have a very old man in our village who I met at grocery store after returning home from Ireland after a few years and he asked me where were I cause he haven´t seen me a long time.
    I said Ireland and he was like – is it where those catholics and protestants are fighting?
    I said that´s Northern Ireland but close enough.
    He paused for a second, looked deep in thoughts and then said – “You know what? That man who invented religions, may his eye be jabbed out by a huge cock” 😀 😀 😀
    Everyone in shop went to their knees laughing 😀

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