Land Down Under

Remember Me? That’s the longest I’ve ever gone without posting, shame on me. I opted not to post while in Australia for 5 weeks. This resulted to me returning with thousands of photos and the daunting task of editing, selecting and deciding how to post them. I’ve been playing catch up ever since but here I am nearly back on course. I’ve spent a day sorting through them now and plan to share them in a few large galleries over the next few weeks.

I was totally blown away by Western Australia. I was spoiled rotten by family there and they made every effort to get me to every tree related place they could in the time I had. I was also delighted to spend some time with bonsai enthusiasts in Perth. More on this as I post this week.

Here’s a few pics to start the ball rolling. These are just general trees in the landscape, some of the best deciduous images you’ll see, albeit they aren’t deciduous in most cases. With a country packed with natives species, many of which haven’t been explored for bonsai, there should be an excitement surrounding where Western Aussie bonsai is going. The WBFF 2021 could be a showcase for native trees rarely seen on the world stage.

The following show what’s on view mostly south of Perth along the roadside. The dead tree images resulting from bush fires really add to the landscape. Dead trees seem to be untouchable, I suppose they don’t need firewood there 🙂


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