Highway One

On our ‘Must See’ list for the West Coast was Highway One. Sadly due to a damaged bridge and a landslide, a major chunk of this iconic route was closed to us. We had stayed in Pismo Beach for a night and the next day we set off up Highway 101 straight to Monterrey with the plan to come back on ourselves down Highway one as far as we could go until we hit the road closed signs. What a good call this was, with some spectacular scenery to be seen. We made it as far as Big Sur before the road block stopped our progress. We stopped there for lunch to support the small local businesses that are struggling due to the road closures. We then turned and headed back towards Monterrey. My wife was keen to see Bixby Bridge and it was worth the trip just for that. Here’s some of the shots I captured along Highway one. The Highlight of this coastline was Point Lobos Sate Park, and the Monterrey Cypress, but more on that in the next post.

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