Bonsai Saturday

Yesterday I managed to fit in some bonsai here in LA. I had the opportunity to visit Huntington Gardens for a few hours and gallop around the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, and of course take in the bonsai display. Well worth a visit. I only wish I’d have had time to give the whole place a look over.


Next stop was Fuji Bonsai, Roy Nagatoshi’s nursery, cram-packed with trees and a great welcome from the guys and gals who were there for the Saturday morning workshop.

I then popped over to see Robert Pressler at Kimura Bonsai as he’d got in touch and kindly invited me to visit. I have loads of photos from all these places, but hotel wi-fi doesn’t want to play, so you’ll have to wait until I get back home, or a get better connection for the full run down.

2017 Upstate New York 44th Exhibition Photos

Valavanis Bonsai Blog


The 2017 Upstate New York Bonsai Exhibition opened yesterday and there was a great crowd. But better, Melvyn Goldstein from Cleveland, Ohio, brought 13 masterpiece satsuki from his collection to share with us. A special area was designed for this display which everyone enjoyed and appreciated the amount of time necessary to create these bonsai, maintain them and also display them with distinction. A few days ago he suddenly realized that all the Azaleas would not fit into the van he rented to bring them five hours from Cleveland, Ohio! But he has a good friend, Aaron, who also drove another vehicle to bring all the blossoming Satsuki for us to enjoy, and our members appreciated Mel’s effort and artistry.
Our club, now in its 45th year has approximately 120 people and represents a wide range of members, from rank beginners to award winning experts and professionals. Therefore all members…

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2017 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show, part 3

Nebari Bonsai

Our show was judged in 3 categories, by experience; Novice (under 7 years), Intermediate (7-15 years), and Experienced (over 15 years).

In each experience group, a 1st and 2nd place was awarded by tree type: deciduous, evergreen, broadleaf evergreen, flowering/fruiting, and “other”.

Here are some of the winners from this year’s show, in the Experienced category.

Best in Show and best deciduous tree, Ume in a well-matched milky blue Japanese pot:

2nd place deciduous, Japanese Maple in a Yamaaki pot:

1st place evergreen, shimpaku juniper in Gyouzan pot:

2nd place evergreen, shimpaku juniper:

1st place flowering, azalea in Bunzan pot:

2nd place flowering, azalea in a Chinese container:

1st place, “other”; a 5-point shohin display, JBP in Shibakatsu, maple clump in Ikkou, Chinese Elm in Koyo, Shimpaku in Shinobu:

Honorable mention went to this very unusual bald cypress in a Japanese nailhead drum pot:

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