Busy Busy…

Day 2 at Saruyama Towers and it’s flat out in the workshop since first thing this morning. Some great and extremely varied tunes on the go, punk being a little more than I needed! Undertones from home is proving a hit. A great atmosphere to work in and a great spot to take the odd wander into the garden. The cold snap seems to have passed now. It’s raining. 

Peters own personal root stand! 

Monkey Mountain

Early start and a short flight to London to stay with Mr Warren.

Put straight to work on a very nice Japanese White Pine from the Iwasaki collection. 

More on this later in the week. A cold day but some low winter sun made for a nice look around the trees.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings…. 

A Flying Start….

Well, one more sleep and I get my bonsai adventures in 2017 off to a flying start. This Thursday, bright and breezy, I pop over to London to spend 6 days at Monkey Mountain with Peter Warren. My New Year’s resolution was to push bonsai learning in Ireland as much as I can for the next 12 months. This starts with me 🙂  We should all strive to learn and, having worked with Peter many times before, I can’t think of anyone better to burden myself on for a week. Peter is now offering the option to study with him at his home. Once I heard this, I was on it like a car bonnet and it looks like I beat my way to the (joint) first spot. Really looking forward to my time in the big smoke and making a few new friends, but more on that during the week I think.

The story of the Shimpaku Juniper

Happy New Year

This is a year I’m really looking forward to. I’ve loads of bonsai related trips planned and I’m looking forward to sharing them all here with you. More on that in the New Year.

I’ll just leave you all now and say Happy New Year to all my Bonsai friends around the world. I’m really looking forward to making some new friends on my travels in 2017. Eejit coming your way soon 🙂