Japanese White Pine

My first tree completed in my week with Peter Warren. This Japanese White Pine had recovered from its time in quarantine where sadly it had lost a few branches. My task initially was to clear out any of the dead twigs and branches and then remove any strong growth in the upper portion of the tree.

That done I was given the task of wiring out the tree in a way that was sympathitic to the needs of the tree. Helping it regain vigour by opening out the branches for good light and balancing the density of the foliage between the vigorous areas and the weaker lower branches. With Peter’s guidance I learned a lot from this tree.It’s that last 10% of tweaking that makes all the difference and is probably the hardest bit to get right for me. You think it’s right and then you see a Japanese trained professional  tweak it! With some good pointers and corrections I think it turned out well. 

6 comments on “Japanese White Pine

  1. I’ve not commented before but just wanted to say thanks for posting these updates. It is great to see the development. I’ve been in and out of bonsai for quite some time but there is always so much to learn and to re-learn as the thinking and techniques change. Hope you continue to have a great time and share with us.

    Ian >


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