Trident Maple Root-over-rock Style Bonsai

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TRIDENT 20162016

During Part 1 of the 90th 2016 Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition four bonsai received a Kokufu Award, the highest award presented in Japan for distinctive quality bonsai. Among the winners was an unusual Trident maple, root-over-rock style. The upright shape of this stone is distinctive and unusual and I know I’ve seen an old photo of the bonsai. While looking through my bonsai reference library I found a photo of the same bonsai taken in 1965 from an old book. It’s important to remember that probably 30 years were spent to get the bonsai to the stage of development shown in 1965. Fine bonsai require time, as well as technical skill and taste to develop into masterpieces.

TRIDENT 19651965

Comparing the two bonsai the twig development in the past 50 years is outstanding. The fine delicate twigs completed the triangular silhouette established with a few branches in 1965. However, more…

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