Bonsai Europa Ready to Rock

That famous movie quote, if you build it, they will come. Well, it’s built, now it’s up to you.

I have supported this from the start, why wouldn’t I! The UK has been crying out for a high end exhibition and now we have a truely International event in a great location. Politics need to be put aside and support given or we’ll slip back into the Dark Ages once more.

Tony Tickle has done a wonderful job of putting this together with PR evident everywhere. I don’t see anyone else stepping up to the plate to do this. ( See what I did there, another basesball reference 🙂 ) now is the time for the bonsai community in the UK to get its collective finger out.

Tony gave me the grand title of Ambassador for Ireland and an T Shirt with that on it to wear :-/ If I’m willing to walk around the exhibition all day today wearing it, you should be willing to jump in a car and drive up for a look. We have close to 20 people from Ireland over with 4 trees exhibited. That’s an expensive bit of water to cross, I only wish I was a car drive away.

I look forward to the day ahead, seeing the stunning exhibition trees, trade stands from all over Europe and most importantly the friends I’ve made and have yet to make in this wonderful world of wee trees.

You’d think that would be my rant over, but I want to finish with the most important people in this, the 30 guys who knocked their pan in yesterday to build the bloody thing, a job well done. You know who you all are.

Hope to see you there today, come and say hello, I’m not hard to spot, I’m the eejit wearing that bloody T-shirt.






4 comments on “Bonsai Europa Ready to Rock

  1. I agree entirely with that. No time for politic in bonsai. As a Irishman living in France I would love to have been able to go but unfortunately other commitments prevent this year. Good luck to you, Tony T and his team. Look forward to follow up blogs.


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