Getting Ready For A Bonsai Show

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American larch bonsai on cork board

Most spring bonsai shows have probably taken place by now in southern areas. However, it’s now show time in the north. Our local bonsai exhibition will take place next weekend in Rochester, New York, and I’m always trying to improve each member’s display. Last month information was presented in this blog on how to make a quick and low cost companion planting from dwarf Columbine.


Dwarf Columbine companion planting on cork board

This month I’d like to suggest a quick and low cost “wooden slab” for companion plantings as well as smaller size bonsai. Traditionally, wood is used and although inexpensive types can be found, high end quality wooden slabs can cost hundreds of dollars, even for small 10 inch sizes. The prices increase with rare wood species and hand carved edge details.


Elm burl by Michel Villeneuve, Montreal, Canada


Wood from western USA…

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