Azalea revisited.

Great to see this, the book was one of my first and was an inspiration to me in the early days.

Andys shohin bonsai

This little azalea some of you will remember if like me in the early days the Book by Colin Lewis was a must. 


The little azalea that featured in the book is owned by a good friend of mine. He purchased it direct from Colin at the wisley hall where we had our show last week. The book first published in 1993 said it was 3 years in training, if it took a year to get to print and it was about a 10 year old then it’s around 35 years old now. Here it is in the book.


Here it is on display at the show, change of front now but still a good nebari.





I wonder where the next 30 years will take this special little tree.

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