Sunday’s Two to One

Sunday saw another workshop session, this time a Two to One with two of the guys from the Leinster Bonsai Club. It was a busy day with a lot of trees examined and a lot of time spend looking at what makes a good bonsai.

When we got down to work this heavy-trunked raw material Hornbeam got some carving to remove dead stumps and some problem branches. What’s left will make the basic structure of a nice tree. The final trunk line at the apex will be reduced further next year. Left for new to allow buds to pop to see when the best chop point should be.

The material


Some major chop points to be worked.


More pruning wounds.


Some chopped roots also needing work.


Owen at work. Think this was his first time with a makita and he loved it 🙂



and the new front after removed of unwanted branches etc. Tree will be a little shorter, just below those top branches, however after the chop just below that pointed I opted to keep it a little taller to draw sap in the Spring. As more adventurous buds appear it will be reduced by about 3-4 inches.DSC_0933

Rear view of the chops after basic carving.


Owen also brought this little Blue Spruce, picked up for 10 euros and bought for practice. He got some wiring practice out of it at any rate.


As the tree fills out a few more branches will be removed.


Another tree worked on was this beast stump of Berberis stump, a two man lift.  Some adjustments were made to the deadwood and then the young branches were placed at the right angles and movement added. This has to be done at this stage before they harden further,berberis are brittle when they thicken. We were only concerned with the first few inches, after that the tips were pointed upwards to give vigour.

Before work.


We opted for a twink trunk image but to make it convincing we had to removed a significant portion of the second trunk to make it look thinner that the main trunk line.DSC_0914


Some block carving carried out  on the sencond trunk. No point doing any refinement at this stage of the trees journey.


It was a busy day but the guys seemed to enjoy it as can be seen on Owen’s blog HERE.