Back To Reality

After a weekend away at Burrs I finally made it back to home at 11pm last night. I wish I had booked today off work but sadly I had to trudge in this morning. I’m only now able to wade through about 800 photos and video clips taken over the 3 days. I’ll be posting some of these during the week to show some of the exploits, wonders, weirdos, and even a few trees for the event 🙂

Tony invited me as a guest to Burrs back in March, an offer I’d be silly to turn down. I had heard a lot about Burrs from many sources, some were great reviews but some were not so complimentary. I’m a great believer in making my own mind up. My own verdict, I can truly state that Burrs is a great environment for bonsai learning, one of the best I have experienced in 20 years. As you know I count friendship as a major part of bonsai and Burrs has also added to that experience. I have made many new friends, some old ones met for a catch up and a few folk who I talk to on a weekly basis on the net that I was able to finally  meet in the flesh.  Looking back the nay sayers, in the main were those who had never been to Burrs, I think that says it all! Make your own mind up, sign up for 2015.

To Mr & Mrs T, thank you yet again for a great weekend, your  hospitality was second to none and I truly enjoyed every second of it, well maybe not the early morning noises coming through the wall of Burrs room!!, but you know what I mean. 🙂

Here are a few sample photos but many more to follow as I wade though the folder. I think these capture a little of what the weekend was all about.