2014 US National Bonsai Exhibition Awards

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Join us at the exciting US National Bonsai Exhibition on September 13-14, 2014 in Rochester, New York. The Award Banquet & Benefit Auction are one of the highlights of the weekend where $6,500 will be presented to the finest bonsai selected by our three international judges: Hiro Yamaji from Japan, Peter Warren from England and David Easterbrook from Canada.


Bonsai fellowship abounds with visitors, exhibitors and vendors all enjoying a delicious meal awaiting the award presentations.


The following awards will be presented:

The National Award

Finest Bonsai Masterpiece



Evergreen Bonsai Award

Finest Evergreen Bonsai



Deciduous Bonsai Award

Finest Deciduous Bonsai

$500 Lang Bonsai Container Certificate


Yoshimura Award

Finest Classical Bonsai



Bonsai Travel Award

Finest Bonsai & Companion Plant Combination



Nippon Bonsai Association Award

Finest Japanese Style Display


Ho Yoku Award

Finest Innovative Bonsai Design



Custom Oriental Woodcraft Award

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