Hidemi Japanese Tokoname Bonsai Pots – Yukimono Bonsai Pots


Typically there are no reasons other than amazing bonsai trees, beautiful accent plantings (kusamono, shitakusa) and stunning pottery to love and enjoy the art of bonsai. One of the downsides however can be the expense of this hobby. Established old bonsai trees can be in the tens or hundreds of thousand dollars, ancient and or hand-made pottery into the several hundreds or thousands and even the everyday needed tools such as soils, wire, bonsai tools, etc. add up over time. At times this can be a little overwhelming for most new hobbyists when trying to get started. Heck, even after several years of being consumed by bonsai it can still be a burden when dealing with cost. However, there is an amazing woman (and I mean amazing!) from Tokyo, Japan recently who went above and beyond to not only help out new/old bonsai enthusiasts but to try to give the…

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