Normal Service Resumed

Those of you who are mad enough to check my blog daily, and are therefore as mad as me for updating it daily, will have noticed that I have skipped a few days. Well, it’s Christmas, and lets face it, things in the bonsai world have slowed down. However, I am endeavouring to get back on track with my posts.

I had a great/quiet Christmas at home with my family as this snap of an evening in front of the TV shows. Dinner over, fire lit, candles burning, tree lights illuminating, cosy or what 🙂 All that’s missing from this photo is the two dogs who are normally fighting with my son for the spot in front of the fire.



As most of you know I usually have bonsai friends around on the last Friday of the month to play with trees. However December is always a bad month to have one of these evenings as folk don’t want to come out into the dark, wet and very very windy night. I was chatting to Phil and Stephen, my two bonsai muckers, and the idea was floated for a smaller gathering but this time in the afternoon. After a quick email to a few friends it soon became apparent that some people were desperate to get out of the house lol.

I got the garage set up and ready to go.



Now at this point you will be expecting a photo gallery of all that went on… Well guess who was having so much fun that the camera hardly came out?! Yep, me. I have a few trees shots which I will share over the next few days, but very little else. I know Stephen had his camera with him as the flash was going off in my face a lot 😉 I’m hoping he has some nice photos over on his Bonsai Baker blog soon. But knowing Stephen……

In the meantime I will keep linking too and reblogging anything I find of interest about bonsai on the net. It saves you lot having to look anywhere else 😛

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday.

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