Munster Workshop Travels

Myself and Phil are on our travels in January all being well. We are popping down to Cork, Munster, to run a demo and workshop with the newly formed Munster Bonsai Club, part of the bonsai Ireland group. I’m really looking forward to it.

If you are viewing from Ireland, please give Piotr a shout and get booked in, even just for the Friday night perhaps. It’s so important that we all support him and Adam with the new club. Everyone has been crying out for one for years, now it’s here it needs to grow and your support is vital. If this workshop is a success then other will be planned for later in 2014.

Munster Club Workshop poster

Winter watering

great post here about winter watering, having the same issues with some trees drying out quickly and having to be selective with the hose.


Root Over Rock Cotoneaster in 2013