Bonsai Exhibition, Kannapolis, NC

For my North American friends, just in case you are passing! Yes, I know, it’s a big country, but over here in wee Northern Ireland, we are always just passing 😀

I have family living in North Carolina, one of these days I might get over for a visit and try and time it to clash with a local show 😉

2 comments on “Bonsai Exhibition, Kannapolis, NC

  1. I live in NCand would like to know if you make it over.Just a few hours drive from the beach where I live.Will be alert to any hint of being able to meet you and your buddies.


    • Hey, it might happen 🙂 My father in law is now living in New Bern. My wife was over in the summer. I’d love to take a drive about the state to see a few bonsai folk. Watch this space 😉


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