‘Old Joe’ Yew

Lifted this one in for a slight trim. Bit of a history with this one.

Before tidy up



After Tidy up


This was it in 2010

Decision Made

Back in January I posted about trying to make my mind up about whether to keep this Yew Tall or go for a shorter tree. I talked about the sentimental value of this one and the tall character of the tree suited this.

Last night, being on my own while my wife is in America for a few weeks, I decided to drink beer and listen to 80’s music on the radio while playing with trees in my garage. DAB radio has lots of new stations available and this one is right up my street 🙂

So beer in hand, music blasting I sat this tree down in front of me and explored a chop option. No matter what I looked at, I could find a convincing image. I therefore set about thinning and wiring to improve the taller option. This is the result.

and beer bottle for scale 🙂

and sure I have older photos of this tree somewhere but for comparison, this was it 2 years ago.

As Allie is away, it might be an idea to freshen up the lime sulphur work on this one now too 🙂