Crab Apple

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Last Fruit




Conkers, Bonkers!

I always thought Ben was a little bonkers 🙂 This photo proves it…

This also proves it, a horse chestnut as a bonsai.

That’s maybe a little unfair of me to say this. Ben inherited this tree from his Grand Father who got him started in bonsai and, as you would expect, he’s rather attached to it. The tree is over 40 years old and has an interesting base. Leaf size can be made smaller and it is already getting there. I can hardly say it’s not suitable as I have plenty of trees that I’m sentimentally attached too and will never sell.

Another one of his Grand Father’s bonsai, this one is a Crab Apple.

Robert gave this one a look over as well. A few ideas for it’s future were discussed.

I thought this was rather funny too 🙂