Stratford Trident Maple




2010 Before thinning out

2010 after thinning out

2010 after repotting in Walsall pot.

16 comments on “Stratford Trident Maple

    • Wee Tree farm? Are you from Oregon? I hate to sound desperate but I need a bonsai buddy.. A mentor really.. This website is probably the closest I have to a mentor. Ian has helped me a couple times before, but I can’t fly across the world to have a pint with him.


      • Lee, Wee Trees Bonsai Forum is a great place to get advice. It’s mostly UK based but I think there’s a few guys from the States on there too. A google search and sign up is all you need to do.


  1. There is a nursery in Philomoth Oregon that caters to bonsai, probably the largest in Oregon. Darnit I thought I may have met someone from


    • Hi Lee,

      I am sure by now you have heard of Ryan Neil and Michael Hagedorn. Two great bonsai artists in Oregon. They have nurseries right outside of Portland. Google them. You are actually in a mini mecca for bonsai in the US. They are putting together the Artisans Cup (Delayed to Fall of 2015) and co-founders of Portland Bonsai Village. Bonsai Mecca in the US is Oregon!

      Hope this helps.


  2. Very nice tree Ian. Amazing that Tridents thrive in such differing growing zones. I seem to be right on their southern edge…….most bonsa’ist south of Orlando have little success…..Think I’ll look around for a nice one to add to my collection… one shohin needs a buddy…..


    • Thanks Gary. Sorry to confuse you with the Stratford reference. I have 3 or 4 Tridents and I give them all names so I know the difference. I’m not into calling a tree, ‘Dances with Cranes’, or even ‘Larry’ 🙂 I usually give it a reference to were I collected it or bought it. This one was bought back in 1999 at the EBA Convention at Startford in England.


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