PAS Pottery

At Burrs last Sunday (has it really been a full week?) I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia from PAS Pottery who had an amazing collection of shohin and accent pots for sale.

These pots where made in Shigaraki in Japan where she spent 4 months learning some new ceramic techniques. We had a good chat about some of the techniques she used in creating her pots and her passion for ceramics was clear to see. These are a few of the photos that I took. I even managed to buy a pot for a shohin Juniper I have. I deliberated for ages about the size as she had a slightly bigger one there. I opted for the smaller pot, and you guessed it, it’s too small!! Always good to have the tree with you 🙂

Here’s a few more from Patricia’s Site. Also follow her on Facebook .


Some Maciej Pots

or should I say Magic 🙂

Bonsai friendship at it’s best yet again. Maciej from the Leinster Club was up with us for the Bonsai School last weekend and give me a lovely gift of accent pots that he has started making. Here are a few of his pots.Watch this space for more information soon.

Makisada Ceramics Gallery

Click below link for a gallery of some lovely pots from Makisada Ceramics.

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More on Pots

Cheers to Mario who shared this on Facebook and brought it to my attention. Makes you appreciate pots a little more.

and a few others on the channel to keep me busy 🙂

Who’s The Potter?

Any idea who made this pot?