Jim Doyle Workshop

Better late than never!

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Jim Doyle organised by the Munster Bonsai Club back on the 23rd April.

Jim was visiting Ireland and the guys got a rare opportunity to to work with one of America’s premier bonsai artists. Jim began with a presentation about yamadori and collecting in the States. Some interesting stories shared and proves that if you want the best yamadori you have to go to great lengths to get it.

13077051_621985071298765_1475726990599055403_n - Copy

Jim then did a run through of the trees that were to be the focus of the workshop followed by some work Photos below capture the day.



13062004_621985191298753_4594475856388693593_n - Copy (2)


13062902_10209196303849038_3163742199498471168_o - Copy (2)

13076998_621985401298732_489327736204667689_n - Copy (2)







We finished off with a great meal in a local pub finishing in the wee hours 🙂




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