In case you haven’t noticed my friend Maciej Targosinski makes accent pots as well as an expanding bonsai pot portfolio. I believe in supporting local talent, yes, I count anyone based in Ireland as local! I have been helping Maciej get off the ground by selling some of his beautiful pots and now we have created a blogsite for him to share his ceramics journey with you.

Please pop over to and give it a look and follow his exploits. There is also an email sign up option in the sidebar for you to receive notification of any new posts.  Just click on the image below to visit his site. Feel free to comment when there and show your encouragement.

ScreenHunter_213 Apr. 19 17.13

Magic Ceramics are now on Facebook, click on the image below to visit his page and give him a like.

ScreenHunter_214 Apr. 19 17.17