All Set ….

Well bar a few tiny tweaks, that’s my tree ready for Bonsai Europa. I even have two accents ready just in case!





If you want to see the rest of it, you’ll have to be in Bury this weekend 😉

4 comments on “All Set ….

  1. Hi Ian
    So sorry I cannot be there at the Bonsai Europa Get together as it would have been great to meet you in person as to me your enthusiasm, knowledge, willing to learn and to share what you know with others is commendable

    I am looking forward to seeing your images of the show and hoping you will put me on your SHARE List when you post them or even Let n me share your images of the show
    Have a safe journey across and really hope you do well

    take care

    Jim The Lad Wirral Bonsai

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