Following on…..

from my last post, at the suggestion of Mr Snart, I have altered the virtual of the Trident again. I have extended the pot to the right giving more negative space. I have also extended the foliage to that side.

The original Virtual for comparison.

and the original.

Pot Virtual

Had a quick 20 minutes last night and tried a pot virtual for the Root Over Rock Trident.

This is the tree a few weeks ago. It’s current pot isn’t to my personal taste.

One of the first things I thought about when I first saw the tree sitting on a bench at Willowbog was what pot it should be in. I realised then that I would probably buy it 🙂

I wanted to see what it would be like with the rock incorporated within a pot, not over the edge. It’s hard to imagine without actually trying it. I was worried that the bulk of the rock to the left and then the mass of foliage all sitting to the right, might not balance. I liked the idea of a simpler oval. I have a folder of pots on my computer that I use for virtuals. This was the closest I could find to fit my taste. Colour not quite right but not bad either.

Seeing it now, I think I’m happier that including the rock within the pot works.

Blackthorn Pot Virtuals

A few years back I used virtuals a lot to plan ahead with my trees. I even made this guide for the club website.

By far the best use is to assist with pot selection. It’s even more fun when it’s not your tree 🙂 As a regular user of online bonsai Forums, I like to do the odd virtual. Today Dave on the European Bonsai Forum was asking about pot options for his lovely Blackthorn. Must acquire one of these soon. This is the original Image.

 I took out the clutter with Photoshop before I started to play with pots.

It was an interesting task to find a suitable pot for this tree. It’s slanting style was going to be hard to get a convincing match. I don’t claim to be good at picking pots for trees, and this process of creating virtuals is a great way to push myself to find what works.

My first thoughts were to put it on a slab or shell. These were my first virtuals.

I liked these but wanted to give Dave a few other ones to help decide what works and what doesn’t. Next, I tried a Rectangle.

and a coloured glaze.

and a Walsall Ceramic oval.

Not a great option either. My next selections were drums. I quite like this first one.

For the last one I opted to change the potting angle by 15 degrees to a more upright position as a different option.

Hopefully Dave found it useful. As usual, I’m not sure I found a good match either. I’d love to hear what pot you would suggest.