Bonsai Bloggers

The reason why I started my own blog was share some of the fun I’ve been having following other bonsai bloggers around the world.

I use Google Reader to keep up to date with everyone’s new posts and at times I have to use Google Translator to understand some of the text in non-English Blogs.

I’m always on the look out for new blogs that are worth following and I’m sure many of you visiting my blog are doing the same. Therefore I’ve decided to create this page listing all my favourite Bonsai Bloggers, both English and Non-English. If you visit here and know of any others, leave a comment and I’ll add them here as well.


Fellow Club member and good friend mario’s blog

Mike Jones Blog, a friend from Wee Trees Forum

A Croatian Bonsai Enthusiast with a passion for Yamadori, whos blog is written in English

Bonsai Blog of Mike Konig [Wee Trees Forum

Nik Rozman – Slovenian Bonsai Enthusiast


Kingii (Spanish)was the first blog I followed. Well worth going into his archives and browsing through his time spent in Japan in 2010.

Portuguese Bonsai Enthusiast Blog with other links

Erik Križovenský blog from Slovakia

Exciting blog following two Croatian Bonsai Enthusiasts

Blog of Mauro Stemberger

Spanish Blog with some great yamadori and other bonsai

11 comments on “Bonsai Bloggers

  1. Thanks for this list.
    It’s good to know that the Bonsai world is alive and well.
    A great example of how plants bring people together.
    Thank for sharing


  2. Can you pls suggest species of tropical trees that can be trained as bonsai good for Philippine climate? I just have started to love bonsai and currently starting with my ficus on training pot. Please help me. Thanks.


    • I am not great with tropical questions, no need for them here in Northern Ireland!! However there are loads of people doing bonsai in the Philippines, many are friends of mine on Facebook and they have facebook groups set up for tropical bonsai. Might be worth giving these groups a try.


  3. Hello Ian, I am loving your blog and you inspired me to start my own to keep track of my trees and penjing creations a to promote my beautifull country and it´s nature – Slovakia. I am just a beginner but in few years it might be nice to have everything I did documented. Cause when I fall for something – it´s for life 🙂

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