West Coast USA Road Trip – Help Required!

This is a shout out to all those who follow along over on the West coast of the United States.

I’m over on holiday this May/June  starting off in LA and then travelling  north with a final stop in Seattle. I have a basic route showing my stops below. I think the only one missing is Pismo Beach.

I was hoping to pick your brains about good ‘tree places’ on my travels. That’s big trees, old trees and of course small trees.

There are so many places for sequoia/redwoods that I’m bamboozled! At the moment it looking like Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon as my stops. I had hoped to make it over to see the Bristlecone Pines but the timings look to have made that difficult bar a driving all night type scenario.

I’m stopping to see the old Monterrey Cypresses at where else… Monterey.

I’m hoping to stop with Michael Hagedorn on my trip and I’m staying at Bonsai Mirai for a few nights. Pacific Rim Bonsai Museum and Bonsai Northwest are on my final leg.

What am I missing guys?

Is there anything between San Francisco and Sun River? I have a little more flexibility there to fit more in 🙂

I’m open to suggestions in the comments section or send me a private message via email to bonsaieejit@gmail.com.

9 comments on “West Coast USA Road Trip – Help Required!

  1. Redwoods National Park is on the way from San Francisco to Sun River. Also, it’s not tree-related, but Crater Lake in Oregon is absolutely stunning if you can get up to the visitor center. It could be under 40ft of snow though.


  2. Cant help you with the west coast but if you ever get the opportunity to travel the US east coast we have just as amazing bonsai places from Florida to Maine! I would be more than excited and honored to assist you if ever the case.

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  3. I still say you must get over to Vancouver island. Your good here for 2 ,3 days but you need a month to really see our world. We have some of the best collectors in the world here. Don’t be afraid

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    • Hi Jill,

      Yes, I now wish I had included a few days to take in Vancouver Island 😦 Sadly my time with flights is tied and my hotels are all booked for the days I’m travelling. I’ve already said to my wife that I’ll need to come back 🙂 Catch you next time around for sure.


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