First Frost

Last night was the first frost of the season here where I live. I’m at sea level so it is usually a little milder that most but it is definitely a little later in the season this year.

Time to do a little clearing and tucking away of a few delicate species of tree.

3 comments on “First Frost

    • Hi Steve, Varieties such as Trident Maple and Yew with fleshy roots and other imported species such as Japanese Maple, Satsuki Azalea, Chinese Elm etc. I have plenty of space under cover and I take no chances 🙂


      • I can sure identify with “take no chances!”

        I wondered because your climate is milder than ours; you’re further north, but you have the Gulf Stream. Here, I give special protection to trident maple, JBP, bald cypress, serissa and crape myrtle, besides my out-and–out tropicals.


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