Root Over Rock Juniper

Another one of Stephen’s brought on Saturday. This one a Common Juniper. We wanted to make a few changes to the longer branch cascading down over the rock. The over all image was not that exciting at this point.

You’ll also see Stephen here frantically weeding before I got the camera out, or so he thought 🙂




This is it after a shortening of that branch and a general thinning out. However the cascading branch visually looks as if it goes towards the back and the left hand side of the tree looks very flat.


This is the tree rotated slightly which improves the image for me, however the shape of the rock means that it would never fit in the pot at that angle.


Therefore we wired the cascading branch more to the front and also added a guy line that pulls the apex round to a better position, therefore creating the same image without the rotation.



We failed to get a photo after we added a little Cotoneaster to the bottom left of the rock. Next step will be a full wiring, but not now 🙂

2 comments on “Root Over Rock Juniper

  1. HI! I’m a visual art student. My theme is against GMO (genetically modified food) love for plants, animal and our surrounding. I was in love of the shape of this bonsai. I want to used it in one of my pieces. I would like to know more about the copyright and I will love to send you my sketch on the piece, you will probably like it. I don’t have a website yet but I do have a digital portfolio and you could see my style and theme. thank you for your time.


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