Rhododendron Virtual Pot

One of the trees Peter W.  looked at on his visit here was this Rhododendron Blue Diamond. I posted about the changes made here.

Peter suggested a pot change, this one was always just a stop gap until I could get something more suitable. He suggested a bag pot and I had a quick virtual play around with a few that might be suitable just to see how it looks.

This is how it looks now.

 Virtual Pot 1 Glazed Pot

Virtual Pot 2 Matt pot

Virtual Pot 3 Something a little different

Virtual Pot 4 Something a very different, tried it but no!

Give it a pot yourself 🙂

5 comments on “Rhododendron Virtual Pot

  1. I like the first one marginally best , second looks a nicer pot but just a touch too shallow ? I actually quite like the one you said no to , worried that the roots might dry out on that last photo 🙂


  2. I like pot 3, although I’m partial to that style in general. Pot 4 would also be an interesting choice, I think the scalloped edges complement the trunk and branch curves. I think the main branch also does well with pot 4 because the feet raise up the pot and it increases the feeling that the main branch is really stretching out, like over a cliff. I think pot 4 would be perfect if you had any considerations of eventually dropping the main branch down into a semi-cascade, or even to the point where the bottom of the pad would be even with the lip of the pot.


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