Fright Night?

Or should it be Friday night? I think the former looking at this photo 😀

Had a few mates around to play with trees on Friday night. Not a big turn out as I only gave a few days notice. You would think that it would be quiet then but that’s not possible with Michael and Phil in attendance!!

Phil showing his speed trimming technique.

Far too much laughing going on here, you’d think they were actually enjoying themselves!

Bertie’s little berberis got a major haircut. This is the before image.

Some pruning, what a hoot 🙂 Get it?

Ian B’s juniper got a thinning out and is now ready for a refinement wiring.

Michael brought this Japanese White Pine for advice. There was several options. He could keep it full size and just rewire in an attempt to hide some of the faults. He could reduce the height and make a shohin sized tree or even take it back further as Phil was showing below to create a mame/Shohin tree. Not was the right time to do such a drastic chop so Michael has some time to think about it.

Phil brought 3 trees along for me to photograph. He saw I was selling a few on here and asked if I’d add his as well. What are friends for. I’ll add these to the For Sale page. Keep an eye there if you are interested.

4 comments on “Fright Night?

  1. The white pine is very healthy-looking; clearly well cared for.

    FWIW, if it were mine I’d either turn it into a bunjin, so the lack of taper wouldn’t much matter; or cut it back as Phil suggests. But in stages!


  2. Think cutting it back would get the better tree in the long run I have a scotch pine that had similar options that I will show Michael it might help him decide


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