Janet Juniper Adjustments

I had just started pinching this Juniper, [Full History Here] when I decided I should be taking a few photos for blogging. One handed pinching is rather difficult but my shoulder has improved. It took a while with quite a few breaks but I got there in the end.

This was it at the start, well almost.

I even remembered to use the towel technique for keeping the needles off the soil surface.

This was it after pinching

I decided that it was time to thin down the live vein a little more. This section looks a little thick I wanted to add more continuity between the areas of white wood.

This was it after removing a slice.

A little Lime Sulphur added.


6 comments on “Janet Juniper Adjustments

  1. Hi Ian.
    Very Nice & natural tree.
    These are the plants we love so much, not expensive plants treated with love, always taking good places in our benches.
    Best regards.



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